March 13th, 2007


Brain dump which includes much rambling about Stuff

I'm reading a book at the moment. It's called Original Blessing, and discusses a 'creation based spiritual tradition.' "WTF?" I hear you say. "Creation? You? The determinedly non-religious?"

Yeah, me. I'm reading it for three reasons. First, it was given to me by someone who's dear to me. Second, having lived my life with minimal exposure to anything much about religion other than dogma and judgement, and the fall/redemption bollocks that I just don't buy, I'm curious what the guts of creation-based belief is. Third, I'd like to think I'm open minded, and that I can learn from reading about other belief systems.

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Hmm, serious post. Because, well, happyinmotion seems to have the monopoly on kittens these days. Sorry.