March 11th, 2007


Boring weekend at home doing nothing

Yesterday I helped my friend move house. This involved a trailer, some people, and a lot of heavy lifting. If I keep this up, when the time comes for me to move, I'm going to have a group of willing helpers and get it done in no time flat. ;-)

Last night Wellington Dance Collective bombed Cycle@Basement. Our group ended up being quite large - Jodi, Allyn, Jess, Alan, Medik, Daniel, Kelly, Gadgit, Tammi, Gutter Boy, Polly, Cyrus and me. And it was a 200 glowstick night.

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And there were carnies! The people from Gravity and Other Myths, no less! And happyinmotion after quantities of cheap wine is funny. And I'm getting hooping lessons! And we made the circus folk look almost normal!

Three hours' sleep later, I was crawling around under Mum's house amongst the spiders. I got this job because I'm the smallest family member who's not over 65. Hmph. Also, driving down Devon St with my car alarm going off loudly at 9.30am was not cool. I thought it would stop after one cycle. It didn't, and I had to stop and call the roadside rescue people to come and reset the bloody thing. All because I put my spanner in my shearing kit and my shearing kit is in the house. Lesson learned - always keep a spanner in your car, you never know when you might need to reset your car alarm.

So yeah, just another weekend really..