March 8th, 2007


All day meetings

Are so much fun. Forget dancing! Forget mind altering chemicals! Forget bungy jumping, skating the vert, misty flips, barrels of monkeys, go karting and page-by-paging through the kama sutra. All day meetings are where it's at.

The formula: One manager, one moderator, one qualifications expert. Mix well, shake a bit, then ask them if it should say 'specifications' or 'instructions.' And if you want it to be really fun, mention theodolites. These people can entertain you for hours on these things.

Rinse, repeat. Tomorrow, in fact. We just can't keep ourselves away..

(am i being convincing?)

In much less interesting news, Wellington Dance Collective now has a crew of 9 going to BLISS. And the crew for Cycle@Basement on Saturday is growing by the minute. But no, that won't be anywhere near as much fun. *shakes head*

Dunno why I'm going, really... *grin*

People I would like to have dinner with this week: Epicurus, Jesus, and James Gleick. Together.

Things learned this week: Always stand on the right side of the platform when waiting for the train. Sometimes silence is the best response. I don't always have to be the rescuer. I have more friends than I thought I did.

And this tugs my heartstrings, because it brings nostalgia for someone who's dead...

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