March 6th, 2007


Wanna come back to my place for organic latte and some tantra?

Thanks to the magic of hormones (and a few well placed hugs), everything is back to normal today. Where values of normal include.. my life. Hmm..

Anyway, last night I realised that one of the things I find attractive in a person is the ability to surprise me. Discovering that there's more to someone than meets the eye is a magnet for me, and when I get to know someone well and they are still surprising me .. well. *grin*

Also.. out of the 90,000 or so people who were at the Pink Floyd concert at Western Springs in 1988, I have met precisely one in later life. How odd is that? Where did all the others go? Is there anybody out there...?

I know I had something really profound to say here, but I've forgotten what it was so instead I'll brag that I can now get my hoop up over my head and back down again, with either hand, usually without dropping it. Go me. Anyone know if there's a shop here that sells fluoro tape?

I now have two Sooper Sekret Projects. They are disparate yet similar, and in each case only one other person knows what I'm up to. *sneaksneak* It's all very cloak and dagger and exciting, but also long term. I think I need a short-term Sooper Sekret Project too. Just for balance. Suggestions? I'm thinking costumes maybe.

Oh - the profound thing (in my mind anyway). What do you think of hedonism as a catalyst for spirituality? It's something I've had cause to think about quite a lot lately, and was wondering whether other folks had thoughts on the subject.

Meanwhile, I actually got to say "I am not admin staff" to someone yesterday, and they took their 'favour' and went away. I may have to do that more often. ;-)

[EDIT] edm, I've finally finished the Terry Pratchett books and would like to get them back to you. When/where suits? I now have three other books lined up so I will give Terry a rest for a while. Thank you.

And, mince pies for morning tea were mutton mince made with rams. Grr!
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