March 5th, 2007


Pay Me Triple!

Oh, PMT, you bringer of crankiness and desire to pick fights over nothing. Oh you creator of cramps and soreness, and general 'meh'. *grumps*

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Mitre 10 doesn't sell inch alkathene any more. WTF?

Conversations about controversial topics are not going well for me right now. If it's something I feel strongly about, especially if it's based in principle, maybe I should just keep my opinion to myself - at least for the time being. I can feel ranting barely below the surface, and I don't really want to blast anyone with hobby horses unnecessarily.

PMT is not fun. However, being aware of it makes it bearable. It's not about irrationality as lots of people seem to think (at least for me) - it's more a case of pervasive negativity and being emotionally sensitive. Yay hormones. Anyone want to buy mine?
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