March 1st, 2007


I've got nine lives and I land on my feet

I really like this. It's streaming (embedded in the home page), which I normally hate, but it's the only place I could find this on the web. It's also a blatantly religious/gospel song. But this woman has a voice that gets under my skin. I heard it a week or so ago and just had to find out who it was. It's almost a shame she's into that whole country/gospel thing because that voice could go so many other places as well.. but anyway. Welcome to my eclectic musical taste. *smile*

So. I now have a Mum that lives locally. When we left her house last night, she was sitting in a camp chair, looking a bit bamboozled, letting it sink in that after all the waiting and preparation, she's finally here. And grist and I had a quiet celebration that we never have to do that drive again! Whee! This morning, a text: "I have furniture!" Yay Mums.. ;-) Especially yay Mums that you can guarantee won't turn up at your house unannounced and get you out of bed.

Now to get the last remaining family member out of the Hole that is Dargaville ... ;-/

Also - somebody remind me why I decided to have a quiet weekend? Two early nights and I feel like a million bucks (less tax) again. And tonight, there will be pizza. Mmm pizza...

Happy birthday to allyn. And to First. She's 9 now. For a dog, that's pretty venerable. First says: No it bloody well isn't! *bouncebounce* Actually, she's right. She neither looks nor smells like an old dog. Nor does allyn, for that matter.

... I'll shut up now ...
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