February 21st, 2007


Breathing space

Today I look like a schoolteacher. I'm enjoying the contrast. In fact, it's nice to have the option, after scraping the bottom of the wardrobe barrel for the last few days. It's also nice to be able to see my bedroom floor. Dunno if it works this way for other people, but for me, my personal space needs to be tranquil, and tranquility requires a certain amount of order. Otherwise, being in there is not restful, it's full of what I guess you could call chaotic energy, and that affects me even when I'm asleep.

On Monday night, I found some time to do some maintenance on one of my plants - just trimming, tidying, getting rid of dead leaves, that kind of thing. I'm amazed at the disproportionate improvement in the tranquility of my space, just from doing this. I thoroughly recommend plant maintenance as a relaxation technique. And if you don't have a plant, go get one! *points*

Also, I woke up to stars on my ceiling. *smile*

My head is full of ideas and creativity at the moment. So.Many.Things! So many ideas! So much momentum! But, because my Mum taught me proper, I've given myself 7 days in which to do nothing but regroup. And if the pot's still boiling at the end of 7 days, then I'll relaunch myself. I can see maybe five projects that are waving themselves enticingly at me. By next week I'll know how to approach them. Meanwhile, housekeeping.

I got through the photos last night, discarded the blurriest, the ugliest and the WTFest. I still have lots left, and this is the obligatory request for permission to publish from the people in them. None of the photos show anything compromising or distasteful, but I'd like to be sure that it's ok with the subjects before putting them up tonight. If you were at Kiwiburn, you're probably in one. Let me know. ;-)

Also. I am a dreamer. I dream of Wonderful things that I can help make happen.


Also, there are plane tickets to be coordinated. This should probably be done before the end of the month for the cheap fares...

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