February 20th, 2007


A week in the life of *someone who's far too busy*

So. Last Tuesday night I was on my way home from Kiwiburn. Wednesday night was farewell drinks with wildilocks (who had better come back soon y'hear?) followed by MMMMmmmm Istanbul mmmmMMMMmmmm dinner. Thursday I fell into bed before it was even dark. Friday I was supposed to be at home resting but ended up hanging out with pagurus, Gutter Boy and Tanya and a most enjoyable evening was had (at least I think so, my brain being mostly asleep for a lot of the time). I do remember being backrubbed by the lovely Tanya at some point, and dozing on pagurus's shoulder. I have such tolerant friends.. ;-)

Saturday was all about the Dance Collective party, and Sunday was all about recovering/cleaning up from said party. Monday night again, was supposed to be about the relaxation, but plans of mice, men and very tired burners aft gang aglay etc etc blah blah, and I ended up getting caught up with by the statistics guy, then taking keptinacan one very bouncy and talkative present, along with a whole pile of lights, cables, music and Pink Things to be put in a crate to Auckland. Then there was Burger Fuel. Then there was collapsing.

(i managed to retain the smaller of the disco balls and a little red light so my room is full of stars - yes i am still 12 and i love it. i have to give them back but they are MINE for a MONTH!)


So anyway, the point of this post is to explain why despite my raving about Kiwiburn, I haven't posted many photos or comments yet. I've been distracted and running round like a mad thing, basically. So, tonight is the night where I lock myself in my house, turn off my phone, and finally sort through the photos. You are Warned. Screeds of boring holiday photos to follow. ;-)

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Also, there may be several nights of sleeping in my future. I'm fully aware that this candle has two ends but only one middle, and that middle's feeling pretty hollow right now. I can see some M&Ms and ice cream in bed in my future as well.

I am happy.
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