February 5th, 2007


This is me being a bit broken

My Mum used to have a term for this when I was a kid. She called it "In the wars."

Inventory - burst unsightly blister on finger (I never realised how much I use that part of my finger); large bruise on side of right knee - you know, the one that you use for navigating furniture in the dark?; left middle knuckle joint - twanging; walk - cowboy like; shoulder movement - limited.

To be properly in the wars you also have to have a flow-on effect from whatever damage you've done to yourself. In my case it seems to involve being clumsy when cutting aluminium tubing and leaving score marks all up my right arm. And we won't mention the nasty shaving incident..

And because of my super-sensitive fingertips and distracted, tired brain, I got Pinko repeatedly killed last night to the point where I just gave up and went to bed in self-disgust.

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So yeah, in the wars a bit today. A week away in the company of cool and like-minded people is just what the good Doctor ordered. That is, he would have if he wasn't in India being all helpful and worky like..