February 3rd, 2007


How to grow your business without even trying

This is the colour of the water that came out of our kitchen tap this morning.

I was not overly keen to drink it, oddly. It looks.. sewagey. By the time I got home this afternoon, it was back to its usual water-like (lack of) colour, and smelled quite strongly of chlorine. Anyone seen anything on the Nets or around that might explain this?

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Now, if anyone has a jacuzzi and a masseur they'd like to lend me for an evening, I'd be eternally grateful. I feel a bit minced, and know that the muscle ache on top of muscle ache will render me somewhat useless by Monday. I may have motion tomorrow, though. I hope. Other than that, I'm relatively unscathed - the usual impressive bruises, a small gouge in my shin where I dug the comb into it, a blister on my right index finger from the knob on my handpiece pushing through full wool, the standard supersensitive fingertips, and a bitten tongue from a headbutt to the jaw. Not much at all really.

And I'm $250 better off.

I will not be soireeing this evening at thirstygirl's house. I would like to, but really only if someone comes and carries me down the stairs and drives me there, and wakes me up when we get there, and periodically through the soiree, then brings me home and puts me to bed, mmk?

And, can someone please tell my why ALL of my friends seem to think that 'grinding my gear' is a euphemism?

(maybe i just know filthy filthy people)