February 2nd, 2007



Performance review day. I knew it was coming but getting an email from the boss yesterday saying "Friday, 8am" made me go *eep*

Usual stuff - Excellent, good, good, excellent, we want you to do this training and take on this role expansion, no surprises. Boss said up front that salary review process isn't complete but should be by about end of Feb. I said that's good because... (etc) and it seems that they'll come back with an answer about the same time this other job comes up with one as well. Timing.

So how did I tell her? Up front. "I'm being headhunted. I like my job and want to stay here, but a few years ago I was a rousie in the shearing gangs and that amount of money would be hard to turn down." That puts the ball in their court with regard to how much they want to keep me on.

And now, I wait.

OK, in holyfuckwhatacoolguy news, I made an enquiry through JetPilot regarding the title and name of a track that's been rocking my socks from the Cosm Fetish Ball mix, the "Nobody Loves Me" one. He proceeded to get in touch with the man himself, who not only replied with an answer to my question, but found me the location of the original track, which I have been grooving to in my chair.

I know such cool people.

I feel a bit weird today. You're right, you. It is strange what you won't say when you care about the consequences. I'm sure it's a passing weirdness, but for now, yeah. Put me in the corner marked "Might respond inappropriately" and talk to me tomorrow.

Unless you can deal with inappropriate responses, that is. *wink*

Tomorrow there will be shearing. My easy 13 lambs just turned into 33, most of which are full wool ewes. *meep*
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