January 31st, 2007


People on a plane, mofo!

I hear it made it to 30 degrees yesterday. For those of you in warmer climes, this is Hell Good Weather for Wellington. Normally we sit around mid twenties here, and it gets to around 17 at night. Yesterday was not the best time to be wearing pants and long sleeved shirts..

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So there you go. Lots of talking, now lots of waiting. And some dancing, because dancing makes everything better.

I discovered last night that aluminium tent poles do not bend, they snap. They are very springily flexible (Happy, you probably know the word for this) but they have no give whatsoever. I now have some very short bits of aluminium tubing, and have fashioned a working frame using these and duct tape. All I have to do now is figure out a way to attach it to myself, add the finishing touches, and there will be photos!

And in "Good news, bad news" news, veterinarians at Aquatopia in Antwerp announced that Mozart, an iguana that has had an erection for a week, would have to have one of his two penises amputated.

While I feel sorry for poor Mozart... TWO PENISES! O.o He has a spare! And it raises questions for me about the logistics of copulation. I mean, think about it. Which way do they point? Do they operate independently, or in unison? And, how are female iguanas built? *boggles*

I have so many dates today, my head is spinning. Yes, I'm calling them dates because that way I get to have some. ;-)

And for anyone who happened to be watching the History Channel last night around Late-ish, and saw that thing about the digital enhancement of the film of the JFK shooting, his head SO TOTALLY did not come off! For a start, anatomy makes it impossible given where he was shot. Second, dead things flop downwards. That's what he did, and Jackie bangs him with her knee as she climbs out of the car. And you see his head, still firmly attached, disappear sideways as he falls over. Stoopid TV drama mongers are full of shit.
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