January 29th, 2007

going native

And the horses say Yay!

I am kind of liking having the lounge with no furniture in. It means I can spread my fabric out all over the show and test my wings (literally), and if I wanted to, I could even practice hooping indoors. Alas, it gets painted today and all the stuff goes back tonight. This does mean I'll have a table to sew at though. Sitting on my ass on the floor with my knees around my ears, operating the pedal, cannot be ergonomically approved.

I've discovered an intrinsic problem with bamboo. It breaks. At least, the bits that are thin enough to be lightweight do. Looking for alternatives that are light and flexible and don't snap under, say - wind pressure.. hmm. Gotta say though, the fact that my vision is becoming reality is quite exciting. Yes, there will be photos. Because, you know, it's not real till you photograph it and put it on the internet!

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Hahaha the business manager just came in and wanted to see photos of the wings!

(this is one of the reasons i like this job - the people are pretty f'n cool)

Lalala, time for more games and net surfing..