January 25th, 2007

going native

y = f(x)

Someone who can discuss sex using algebra = Hot As Fuck. This is why we like flirting with geek boys.

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Ooh ooh ooh excitement! I'm going to get a chance to learn to mix music! Since Auckland got lucky and stole Pequire for a sound engineering course, I think it's important that we all do our bit for the cause, and if I find I have any talent for it at all, there may be expensive new toys in my future.

I spent some time last night watching Tom Cosm's mixing vids on YouTube, really interesting stuff. This only links to the first, there are five, and the others come up on the side display for you to peruse at your leisure. He gets extra points for filming the intro at Castle Hill boulder field. There's also a couple of him playing Summer Soulstice in Australia and Boom Festival in Portugal, and the conclusion I have come to is, most white people really can't dance.

But Cosm rocks my socks.

Other excitement! I got a call yesterday from a recruitment agency trying to steal me away from my current job! Cue fantasising about huge salaries, extra money, challenge, job satisfaction and buying land at Makara to build hobbit houses and hold festivals on (and there might be a pony)! No, I haven't called them back yet, but I will today, just to see. Someone stop me making any down payments on anything before I do, mmk?

But even the offer is exciting, especially given the recent dissatisfaction with my current position. Oi! You! *poke* Yes you! See? The less I do, the more happens. This is what I mean. ;-)
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