January 21st, 2007


Lalalalaa new hair

Orange *cough* copper, and purple!

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I like the purple, but it has one drawback in that it needs to be touched up a lot and that makes me not want to wash my hair.

FreQ Nasty is talented but dnb/dubstep rhythms are not really my thing to dance to. Double Negative was more up my alley - I really like their stuff. Sandwiches tend to put their headliners on very late, yet they don't provide a dancefloor that's good to dance on for hours. Solid concrete? Whose idea was that?

Consequently by the time Nasty came on I was pretty sore in the kidney area and could only really manage a bit of shuffling - also <100bpm is weird. I felt like bellydancing.

However, last night was a 100 glowstick night, which isn't bad for Sandwiches, where people tend to dress in black and use the dancefloor as a STANDfloor. Which makes me want to skip around them and generally make a nuisance of myself. But in Sandwiches, it's sardine city. thirstygirl has the right idea - keep the centre of gravity low, keep your body between two spaced arms/pointy elbows, and don't give. Hehe.

Anyway, I'm going to email Sandwiches and explain to them why I won't be going back. That's twice I've wasted ticket money on not seeing all of the main act, because of that concrete floor. You never know, it might help motivate them to fix it.