January 19th, 2007


Give me everything you are, show me worlds unknown to me

Listening to The Endparty gives me romantic notions. I must have goth blood. Or, more likely, Ostrogoth blood (yes, i looked it up, and Ostrogothia, according to Wikipedia, was in Scandinavia where my lot originated). Yes, actual real goths, the pillaging variety as opposed to the moping variety.

But yes, you should listen to The Endparty as well, and tell me if I'm weird for getting all soppy over it. Also, they do a brilliant version of New Year's Day of U2 fame, and an even more brilliant version of The Chauffeur. Anyone remember the video to the original version of that by Duran Duran? Soft porn ftw! Made me get all fidgety when I was 13, anyway. ;-)

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Three day weekend ahoy! Yes I have leftover pirateyness from the other day! And some sheep to shear! Which can wait till after the weekend because I'm too busy having a life! Other things with exclamation marks!

Looks like WDC is bombing FreQ. This makes me happy... and probably a bit useless on Sunday. But it's a good kind of uselessness - enforced inactivity in which to sew. What, normal clothes? You're kidding, right?