January 17th, 2007


And now for something totally shallow!

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Funny thing. There's this ad on TV occasionally, where a group of women are sitting round talking about their outfits, and the conversation goes something like this:

Girl 1: "My bag? Prada. $700."
*other girls go "Ooh!"
Girl 2: "Shoes? Gucci. $900."
*more Oohing*

And so forth. It's more or less a pisstake of that "Where'd you get it and how much did it cost?" thing that happens at certain get-togethers, where everyone's trying to get one-up on everyone else for having the most expensive designer stuff.

Amongst the people I know, there's almost an inverse of this going on. So when someone compliments your outfit, you go through this mental list - Shirt, skirt, belt - clothes swap, free. Shoes - Salvation Army, $2. Jacket, Christmas present, free. Bag - bought off cousin for $10 when she wanted money for Big Day Out ticket. Etc. Kudos goes for how -little- you paid for your outfit, and most of the people I know, if they look at what they're wearing today, will be wearing at least one item that they got for nothing.

I like that about my friends. *smile* Clothes swaps? Best Idea Ever. I am continually amazed how things I've bought and then not really worn because they look daggy on me in retrospect, look totally brilliant on other people, and they take them away and do things with them that I would never have thought of.

(and it gives other people somewhere to get rid of their shiny stuff)

So today, the only thing I'm wearing that I actually bought is my shoes. I think they were $15. Clearly I'm slipping...

Yesterday, an engineer came around and opened all the windows at work. The new air conditioning system is.. not coping. 30 degrees plus in here, even with the windows open. I fully expect someone to come round serving mohitos this afternoon, and they can keep up with the Billie Holliday down the hallway, too. Things could be a lot worse.