January 16th, 2007


Don't poke the squishy, you'll harsh my mellow, dude.

This morning I walked around the waterfront to work, for a change. The sun was out, the harbour fountain was going, everything was sparkly:

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And there were some "Save Happy Valley" people handing out pamphlets. I finally found out what they are saving Happy Valley from. The funny part is it isn't even our Happy Valley (have you noticed how many Happy Valleys there are here?). It's one on the west coast of the South Island, that's apparently lined up to be turned into an open cast coal mine. My guess is that if the SHV folks can delay it long enough, coal will become close to obsolete (Happy?) and they might just get a win.

Grumpy email from the ex this morning, but the stuff is in the mail. Me: "Lalalalalalalaaaa" *delete* "Oh look, shiny thing!"


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Maybe, when I take over the world, I'll make "Good on you!" the compulsory reply to any sentence starting with "I"..
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going native

My view of my town

Mainly for my own reference, this is a record of the posts I've made so far in day_on_earth. I'll probably do this periodically, because I post there most days and it's easier to have them all here than search through the hundreds over there.

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