January 14th, 2007


Simplification of skank beats

Things I like about skating:

1. It's fun.
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3. Skaters have nice butts. There's a reason for this.
4. Playing chicken around pedestrians.
5. Seeing all the people out and about in the sunshine.
6. ZOOMZOOOMZOOOOOOM!!! *manic grin*
7. It's something I can do well and thus get pleasure from the doing without much thinking.
8. It makes me thirsty in a way that encourages me to drink water and fruit juice instead of coffee.
9. You run into urbane and friendly Americans who give you awesome hugs as they wander home.
8. Last but not least:

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Also, FreQ Nasty at Sandwiches next Saturday. Pity it's Sandwiches.. but FreQ Nasty! Why does the crappest venue in town get in the good acts? And how on earth did they get voted best nightclub in NZ in 2006? I note their claim is not backed by evidence of who awarded them this.. but anyway.

Yesterday evening I had the most pleasant walk in the rain. What an awesome deluge, just as I got to the Botanic Gardens.. yay for soft cotton dresses, I say! They don't exactly have insulating qualities, but it was beautiful and warm and I had Nobody loves me no nobody like you psy-ing away on the phones and the skies just opened and it was lovely. And the virtue of cotton is that it dries really fast.

And then there was a pleasant evening with good people. In fact, this whole weekend has been about pleasantness and good people. OK, ok, my whole life is pleasant and filled with good people. And a lot of them like to take their shirts off, which is all good by me. Ladies included, as you'll know if you were at the clothes swap (in which I scored rather well due to Sophie's "You must have that!" ness and the excessive amount of stuff for small-breasted people that was there).

And now I have my dog, good music and some ice cream, and I am content.

Also, for the word geeks here, what is the difference between frank and candid?
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