January 8th, 2007



So far I have -

    Almost been left behind by the bus driver who seems to have forgotten where all the stops are.
    Deleted all the christmas messages from random corporate people.
    Adjusted the risk assessment for Kiwiburn.
    Chatted with my manager about her friend's Ferrari that he bought for Christmas.
    Wondered if I'll be wanting dinner by lunchtime, given that I got out of bed 5 hours before I'm accustomed.
    Forgotten and remembered my password.
    Had a coffee.
    Distributed NBR and the Economist to a bunch of ungrateful people.
    Played spider solitaire.
    (Actual work? um.. what was it I do for a job again?)

Everyone is looking a bit dazed and confused, and as if they are out of their element. OMG does this mean we all learned how to be people again over the holidays? Or is it just a universal case of frybrain?

Also, back to the logo clothes and the bra. One strap is slipping off my shoulder. I figure this is my body rebelling against the confinement. And, I didn't shear a single sheep during my holiday. I did have quite a lot of other adventures though. So I guess it's safe to say I had a real holiday, for the first time in years (BM not counted because that was gogogogogogo all the time).

Now I have to go hit my boss up for a week off in February... ;-)