January 1st, 2007


We bring the shiny

I think I'm supposed to make resolutions. But I'm not going to, for two reasons. I have plenty of resolve already, thanks, and because I read a post by thesecondcircle that postulated an idea that what you do on New Years Eve sets the tone for the year to come. I like this idea, so I'm yoinking it and applying it.

When I think about it, the way I spent last NYE did set the tone for a year that I'm glad to leave behind. But, it's behind, so it can bloody well stay there.

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So, if thesecondcircle's theory is right, then the tone for this year is being surrounded by my favourite people, lots of dancing, bringing the shiny, beautiful dreams, hanging out with family, and a generally happy and out-of-the-ordinary vibe permeating the whole thing.

I can live with that. *smile*
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