December 28th, 2006


I suck at subterfuge

This year, in the spirit of random kindness, I chose two people to give anonymous gifts to. It was loads of fun, getting gifts, wrapping them in non-Tats style, sneaking around to see the coast was clear, leaving them in obvious places then tiptoeing away, giggling to myself, and feeling smug about how I'd brightened someone's day anonymously.

Only I got found out on both counts. Which was kind of not the point of the whole exercise. I didn't get caught, they just 'knew' it was me. "That kind of thing has you written all over it," said one. *meep*

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In other news, Mum watched Napoleon Dynamite last night, and she got it. I love the way she surprises me like that.

Today I am going to take her shopping. Wish me luck, I suspect I'll need it.
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