December 22nd, 2006


Some jollity for Doctor Shipman, because I know he loves it so.

This made me smile:

(For those who don't live in Wellington, we have a resident homeless person that everyone calls Blanket Man. He's somewhat of a local icon and has his own Wikipedia page.)

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One of the best things about this being the last day of work is that I get to wear whatever I want. Consequently I'm wearing a heinously short wraparound minidress and my Docs, with an army green hoodie. Ners to the corporate clone society.

Word of the day today is 'coheeze.' This is a verb, in the tradition of 'leverage', 'action' and 'caveat.' I know you will all support me in my introduction of this word to general use. "But what does it mean, Tats?" I hear you say.

Well. It means the same as 'cohere' only it sounds better, and goes better in the word set with 'cohesion.' Yes, I know it should be spelt 'cohese' but since we're taking on board American spelling by Microsoft osmosis, it needed a 'zee' in it, and since nowadays nobody learns to spell at school, I thought I'd make the sound and the spelling the same, thus making life easier for just-left-school data entry professionals everywhere, and also to increase rivet's job satisfaction.

*nods accomplishedly* <-- That is so a word. I made it up just now. We need to keep the language alive by making up as many new words as possible. Yep.

Finally, EB Games are not playing Christmas music. I thanked the guy in the shop profusely for the relief from cheese and he said "Aren't we? Wow, we aren't either. Awesome." Yet another reason why geeks are sexy. Just saying.