December 21st, 2006


Marketing scum


I just clicked a link to an article. I started reading the article. About three lines in, the bit I was reading disappeared, remained white for a couple of seconds, then was covered up by a popup ad. Yes, I'm using Firefox. Grrrr!

So I went to close it with the litte x - automatic reaction - and the ad actually moved up and down in an attempt to dodge my cursor! WTF??? It's been coded with some thing to make it slowly wiggle out from under the cursor - not so much that you can't close it, just enough so it takes two or three attempts.

Do they really think that doing this is going to make me a) read their ad and b) actually buy the product they are advertising? No, I don't know what it was, I was too busy chasing that little x around the screen to actually look at it.

That is just evil. And pointless. And doesn't work. It actually makes me not want to go to the page that the ad was on. Wonder if I should contact the owner and let them know that...