December 16th, 2006


Impulse buy ftw!

You know how it is, you want a present for your Mum, so off you go to the Mum Present Shop. In this case, Wits End in Featherston. They sell all sorts of witchy/new age type stuff, and in amongst the dreamcatchers and chakra balancing pens and Goddess bumper stickers*, there's the odd really groovy thing.

So there I was, wandering aimlessly (well, I had an aim but my aim tends to get put off by the assault on the senses that is a new age shop), looking looking, when there's this taptaptap in the back of my mind. Huh. Weird. Look around, nothing. Keep looking at incense and crystals (some of them are pretty but Mum already has every crystal known to man and I wouldn't want to get her a *gasp* dyed one!)

Next thing there's this clear, distinct "Oi! Over here!" So I duly go over there and have a look. I pick it up. Fiddle with it. Don't want to put it down. Put it down anyway, at which point it sets up a shouting (all in my head, you understand - the number for the men in the white coats is in the phone book) that gets louder as I walk away. I'm thinking "Present for Mum" and meanwhile my mind is going "Oioverheremememememeeeeeeeeedontleavemehereoioioimememeeeee!"


And then the shop lady comes out and tells me that those things are all discounted 20%.

*another sigh*

So I bought it. At which point the yelling reduced to a low murmur.

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And yeah, after the yelling in my head stopped, I found a really neat little hand made stopper bottle for Mum, hiding between a hideous statue of the Green Man and a dinner plate sized pentacle necklace. I will fill it with herbs and nice smelling thingies to put in her new house.

* Wits End is a great shop run by a great lady, unfortunately she has to have a high percentage of tasteless kitsch because that's what keeps businesses like that afloat.