December 8th, 2006


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Message for CEOs, consultants, and other spinners of wank-speak: Methodology has a meaning. It's not the one you're using. (read the bottom grey box). The word you want is method. Adding 'ology' to the end does not make you sound clever, it makes you sound like a pretentious, ignorant git. Cheers.

For Sophie. *smiles at davee* I'm spreading the love, mmk?

I have books in my bag with the aim of returning them to folks today. I will be at the cafe that used to be Krazy (Ernesto's?), between 4pm and 6pm-ish, if you'd like to spin by. Otherwise, let me know where's convenient to you, and I'll make my way there. Yes, I have free time tonight. This is because my job of 100 lambs to dag on Saturday, has suddenly transformed to 100 lambs to shear and their mums to dag, which means No Dancing For Me Tonight. Fuck. But there's always tomorrow night, right? Psytrance FTW!

Sunday being the traditional day of collapse, like. Or maybe skating, if the rain stops in time.

And yes, I know it's going to rain, but my good friend Sydney being the most organised farmer in the world, she had her sheep in last night and is feeding them indoors so they'll be dry. She's a wonderful lady, but damn her! (I don't really mean that, she's lovely).

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Still not into rugby though. *shakes head* I'll never be a rugby player fangirl. It's still a game followed by dumb people (for the most part). But it's not a game played by dumb people. At least, not at that level.

Yay for being able to change one's opinion based on new evidence. Just saying.

Today, I feel as though I need a lot of hugs - I feel the need for some affection. I am also being overcome by the desire to go home, take off all my clothes, and roll around on fur. Go figure.