December 3rd, 2006

going native

When will I learn?

Learn what? I hear you ask. Chinese? Russian? How to work with imaginary numbers? How to keep the geeks from taking over my blog? (just kidding, you know I love it).

No. In fact, the thing I need to learn is to stop bashing myself over the head about going with the flow. To actually, really trust the universe to provide. Because it does.

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Kid Koala - entertainment personified. Good value, good music, just plain fun. And he was impressed at 500 people singing him Happy Birthday.

Sandwiches - sell themselves as Wellington's premier gig venue. I think it's crap, frankly. Dance floor too small, air conditioning nonexistent, and at the drunken aggressive lout meets factory clone girl end of Courtenay Place. Also, whose idea was it to have a concrete dance floor? Oh, that's right, when it's so packed you can't actually move your feet when you dance, there's no need for a sprung floor. *cough* Yes, they are the ones that get the popular artists in. But really, I think Curve is a better venue, and Imerst would rock seriously if they pulled finger and started getting some acts in. They have the biggest dancefloor and the best air conditioning.

And what's with people who go to watch a gig and not dance, but stand on the dancefloor anyway?

But yes, the Kid was awesome. And I shook my booty regardless of maternity-top-wearing, long blonde haired, high heeled women standing on my feet, because I'm like that. I just did it in a fairly restrained fashion. And I will be coughing up smoke machine smoke for the next three days. Still worth it. ;-)

Asleep by 5.30am, awake by 8.30am. Why? *looks at sky* Eyes wide open, no more chance for sleep, after three hours? *meep* But there was good company, a little trashy TV, a little fnc, and a conversation that I'd really like to finish. And I got given a dress by a man because he'd outgrown it. Awesome.

My life is cool, even if I do whinge sometimes. Please remind me of this at the next whinge. Cheers.