November 21st, 2006


Finally remembered..

For Jonathan, and any other Americans who might have wondered, at some point in their life, what those crazy kiwis were on about:

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You know how I said I felt like I should do something? Not someone, something? Well, I did. So now, the Thing That Was Going To Happen, is free to happen. And I can feel it starting. *skips*

Bring it on, I say.

[EDIT] When emails attack! Last night, I sent an email to someone basically saying "Hey, I'm planning to wear *this dress* to *this event* but I know you have *this other very similar dress* and thought I'd run it by you before deciding, because, you know, that whole OMG We're Wearing The Same Dress! thing, ok?"

The reply came back, "Of course I don't mind if we wear the same dress, m'dear, but what is *event*?" Love, *large bearded male friend*. Oops! Next time when the oh-so-helpful list of contacts comes up, actually look before you click, Tats. Words to live by..

[ANOTHER EDIT] Dumb stupid gmail. I am getting comment notifications and mailing list emails from yesterday. I am also getting stuff turning up in sentmail and spam that should go to my inbox. No I haven't changed any settings. Is this just me or are other people having issues as well? *kicks gmail*
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