November 19th, 2006


In which WD(aaf)C bomb Curve, create shiny, and generally have fun.

So, um, last night was the second outing of the Wellington Dance (and adult filth) Collective. 9 of us this time, and again we arrived early and owned the dancefloor. This time a few more of us went for fabulous, and we were approached individually and as a group by djs, bar staff and patrons alike, mostly saying things like "How cool!" "What a good idea!" and from the djs - "Awesome! You got everyone dancing!"

Also, dancing people get thirsty and buy drinks, unless they are me. So we're doing the bar a favour. Anyway, suffice to say that WD(aaf)C is getting a name for itself already, and most people are receiving it really well. Also, we're having a lot of fun.


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What a beautiful day.

*goes for another 5-htp*

Oh, and - I got Pequire's phone number. *squee*