November 8th, 2006


Mime! No mime! Mime! Damnit.

I found this highly entertaining.

I've just finished reading the first Discworld book. "Whoah," says the reader, "You're how old and you've only just started reading Terry Pratchett? Where the hell have you been?"

I have actually read a couple of Terry Pratchett books before. Namely, Small Gods and Good Omens. I've never really liked him as an author, to be honest. He's frenetic and kind of irritating and a lot of his jokes seem forced and contrived, even though his basic concepts are good. I liked the bits written by Neil Gaiman better. So I read American Gods. Then I read Anansi Boys. And now, I think I'm finally ready for Pratchett, because I actually enjoyed The Colour of Magic a lot.

His jokes are still contrived, he's still frenetic, but now I don't find myself irritated by it any more. OMG Tats are you chilling out? Nah, can't be!

I was tempted here to launch into a long and introspective examination of Terry Pratchett tolerance as a barometer for internal congruence, but the bottom line is wow, I've found another author that I can enjoy that I couldn't in the past and it's a sign of the times and Yay! Another thing. *check*

(There is virtually nobody left in my life who knew me ten years ago. I wonder why. Hang on, ten years ago? Oh, that's right. Because there's nobody from back then that I could have a conversation with now. Makes sense that my taste in books has changed, huh?)

So anyway, now I'm reading the next one. ;-)

Mothers, your sons could be out doing this. Seriously, reckon those guys are on something? Or just a little, umm, misunderstood?

Anyway, can someone please explain to me how Oldskool Hardstep to house music differs from the Melbourne Shuffle (which apparently is the New Thing, all unique and invented in Australia like!)? Hmm? Or did it just take ten years and the addition of some hoovers to reach the Antipodes?

While I'm on the subject, one really good thing about Tupelo? There's a spot about 6 feet square in the middle of the dancefloor where it's actually smooth enough to shuffle. And my playa boots slip instead of gripping. Awesome. Just saying.

[EDIT] All the Americans on my flist are busy urging everyone to vote. It's awesome to see. Unfortunately, I don't think my flist is representative of the general populace of the US, because otherwise things would be very different over there now. You lot, you need to get breeding! Again, unfortunately it's the dumb people that breed like flies..

Looking for some advice here

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I know you can't tell me what to do, but you can perhaps fill in some gaps of things I may not have thought of, or tell me what you'd do and why, or something. At the moment it's just a tangle of thoughts that confuse me and none of the three options are ideal. Guilt is my enemy.