November 7th, 2006


Why are bums funny?

My fingers hurt. Yes, I know I started yesterday's post with that too, but this time it has significance. I'm not sure if I should climb tonight or not, as this is deep bruising on the tips of them. Suggestions welcome.

I found out why things didn't go completely my way this weekend. It was so things could go my way this week. Yay! Also, I seem to have created a monster. Again. This is why I have 'catalyst' written on my userinfo page. It's a fancy way of saying "Stuff happens around me." *nods* I like it that way. Usually.

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I finally got Skype working. I'm tatjna. on there if free international calling interests you. I had to put a dot on the end because some Russian who has it as an actual name stole my name. Grr to them, don't they know that the internet revolves around me? Anyway, I've decided I quite like it, and gave it a good test run last night*. Yes yes, allyn, I know I'm behind the times. But I'm catching up fast.

Does your brain function more slowly when you're digesting? Does blood really get sidetracked from brain to stomach? Or is it just me? Enquiring minds want to know. Why? So I can use it as an argument for after-lunch siestas, or course! ;-) Why else? What's that you say? "Higher Scientific Purpose?" Ha! You must be thinking of someone else.

* Gave me weird dreams though, in combination with ice cream.