November 6th, 2006


Yay! It's Monday! (never thought I'd say that)

My little finger hurts. Along with the rest of me. I feel like I should get a massage but a) I'm not sure massage is good for this kind of sore (excess lactic acid) and b) even gentle massage is going to hurt like hell. I'm pretty sure the dancing assuaged a lot of what I would've felt, especially in legs and shoulders, but I'm still pretty stiff. There is basically nothing you can do to get fit for shearing except shearing, and apart from this time of year I don't do enough of it to maintain that fitness to a point where doing 25 x 70+kg sheep won't hurt me.

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Hehe, today, work is seeming very much like the relaxing alternative to my life. Sitting, only my fingers and brain moving. Eees goot.

I met another person from Amsterdam on Saturday. She was as lovely as the couple from last weekend. She said not everyone there is like that, but the travelling ones usually are. I also met a man called Zim from Serbia. Never met anyone from Serbia before. The environment wasn't really conducive to conversation, but I'm starting to think the dance scene in Wellington is made up mainly of foreigners. What's with that?