November 5th, 2006


Be careful what you wish for

Some people rock. Some people rock hard. Some people are just rockstars. Rockstars are the kind of people who know you're feeling a bit fragile, so they determine to make your night shiny by loaning you a tiara out of the blue so you can be Breaks Princess for the night.

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The inaugural outing of the WDAAFC went really well, with 11 of us turning out. Comments were made on our group, our friendliness, our attitude and our ability to have fun and drag other people into it as well. Like Jodi, I liked the first two djs but wasn't enamoured with the third guy. If he wants to play anthem, he should just play anthem and not call himself a breaks dj. *wanky pretentious music genre muttering*

Anyway, at 2.30 I found myself seriously wishing I didn't have to work today, because I could happily have stayed and carried on dancing. Dancing really does energise me, and dancing in the company of fabulous people even more so. The group buzz is very cool. But no, I was sensible, and me and the tiara (and your flashy light thing, allyn) went home to bed.

A few hours' sleep and off to work (still wishing I didn't have to go), where I shore one sheep and removed the belly (injury free) from a large ram before Boris went "Blurblurbluuuuurbluuuuurrr....blur.........blu" and wouldn't go again. Oh well, at least the ram isn't running round with one side shorn and not the other.

So, back to the shop tomorrow. I don't really mind the not shearing today (in fact I think it would be sensible for me to make Sundays a sheep-free day for the sake of life balance - one guaranteed day off a week), but it annoys me that all these gear failures make me look unprofessional and it always seems to end up being the same people who get stuffed around.

But, my body is thanking me for not abusing it too badly today. I did manage to lose some more skin though. The sheep were Moorits, coloured like the one at the back, and have the same propensity as the merino to take aim when kicking. so now I have matching scabby bits on both arms. Whee!

Now I'm off to go shine my blacklight on things and go Squee!

PS I love dancing and all the shiny that goes with it. You may have noticed.
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