November 4th, 2006


Not completely my day

I try to keep my lj posts positive. There is enough bitching, whinging and moaning out there in lj-land without me contributing to it. But today, I am going to gripe.

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On the upside, I have $150 in cash in my wallet, and I don't have to go back up that road for another 6 months. If the weather holds, I get to do it all again tomorrow, and then I'll be almost caught up on the shearing and can maybe book myself a couple of weekends free. Definitely NOT working on the 19th November.

Another upside, there is dancing. And there will be fireworks. I feel absolutely shattered and when my body is this tired (didn't finish till 4 with all the holdups and nobody offered me any food) I get very fragile. Right now I am wondering if I'm cut out for shearing and I just want someone to cuddle me (I don't stink I promise) and pat me and maybe give me something furry to roll on and tell me everything is going to be ok.

Lacking that, I'm going to eat spinach and portions of dead cow, followed by some dairy type dessert and coffee. And then I'm going out dancing, because dancing makes everything better and feeds me energy.

I don't want to hear about your day lying in the sun till I have my blood sugar back, mmk?
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