November 3rd, 2006


My weekend = shearing, dancing, sleeping, shearing, sleeping. Lots of ings.

Today, my brain is on strike. After rocking in to work half an hour late due to turning my alarm off in my sleep, and the bus driving past my frantically waving person at the bus stop (I think it was full), the first thing that happened was my manager walking in with a pile of paper.

Which I stared at blankly. "It's from NZQA," she said. "Buh," I replied. "Can you do your thing with it?" she said. "Muh," I replied.

Now I'm staring at this thing and I can't get my head around how to reply to such a statement as "both refer to 'on site' in the title, however this term is not used elsewhere in the standards. Please consider removing..." etc. I understand what it means and I know what has to happen, but the connection between knowing and being able to express in diplomatic terms is missing, somehow. The statement that springs to mind it "FFS read the bloody thing in context!"

Maybe I should put this aside and do some brainless copy/pasting, or maybe post to lj or something. Or keep a bottle of Spike in my desk drawer.

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OK, that's freed up my brain. Back to the reports, all fresh and enthusiastic.