October 31st, 2006


Be nice and watch me crumble

I feel so very loved. It's overwhelming.

Yes, my whelm has officially fled to somewhere where there's lots of warm salty water and it's turned on the taps. I'm not sure what to do about this.

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In other news, I texted that guy, just for a laugh. He called me and I laughed at him. Then I laughed with him. He wants to see me. Like I said, I'm all for new and interesting people, especially ones that can take a joke. But I'm still celibate. ;-)

Also, this: Dancing people look here. I <3 Pequire.

And, climbing tonight for those who are into self-abuse through lactic buildup. 6pm Fergs, come laugh at Happy's squiggly arms and my squiggly legs (dancing 7 hrs ftw!), get your own squiggle on, etc...