October 27th, 2006


Because it's all about the noise

My mp3 player has been in the shop for the last 10 days (I know!) due to a dodgy switch that had stopped working completely. Apparently the scroll/select button on the Zen Neeon is a design fault that causes lots of problems. Anyway, instead of repairing the old one, they gave me a new one! Wheee! I now have portable music again. I may or may not have been caught by one of my colleagues, bopping at the bus stop this morning. The first track I played was "You" by Acid X. Never heard of it? Nor had I.

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Also, I want one of these:

Yes, that is a Unimog that has been converted into a mobile soundsystem, complete with dj booth, screens and Seriously Thumping Bass. It belongs to Space Cowboys, who bought it on EBay. It has an interesting history. The story I heard was that it still had the rocket launcher mounted on the back when they bought it, but that could be an urban legend of course.

Anyway, can somebody buy me one for Christmas? Kthxbye!
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