October 25th, 2006


Pies? Meh.

On the advice of Dr Happy and Dr Ed(m), I did the hard yard last night. Not a yard of pies as was suggested, but a yard of fish fingers and ice cream. If I can't get that 2kg back on the outside, damnit I'll get it in cholesterol.

Also, climbing to failure is good for you. I may be a sadomasochistic bitch, but I hold with the theory.

I dreamed I was in Australia with one of my managers. Someone kept calling me up and saying "Lets go doofing!" But I was rostered to go and look at cows instead, which kept slobbering on my camera. I thought I was in Perth (which for some reason was in NT - go figure), but I was actually in Canberra. There was no doofing for me. Boo.

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My new motto: Someone's got to be silly, may as well be me.

Finally, Climbing + Slayer = Actual Forreal Air Guitar. *nods*
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