October 22nd, 2006


Jump jump - or, I have mind-control pants.

As you've probably gathered, last night there was dancing. Much dancing. Yay dancing! There were people. I'm pretty sure Rhiannon wore her fur just for me. Yay Rhiannon! There was ironic dancing and silly dancing to very strange mashups, involving putting both hands in the bottom pockets of the pants and skipping around (yay the pants for encouraging silliness!) A whole bunch of people bailed to Atomic to jump up and down to 80s music. Polly and I stayed and whaddaya know, within 20 mins they were playing some good electronica. Also, I'm glad I stayed because of this:

Collapse )

See? Told you they were random.

Thank you and congratulations to Rhi for having a birthday and a graduation and wanting to celebrate. Thanks to everyone else for coming out and jumping around with me.

(I haven't slept till 4pm for many many years. Ees gooot)

[EDIT] Of interest to some - I was looking through my *cough*25G*cough* of electronica, and what should I find but a 53-minute track called Shine by... DJrrrus! The id3 tags have it dated 2000. Well golly. And it's as good as the other stuff of his I've heard.