October 18th, 2006

going native

Well golly.

My friend and I have been asked to design and build the Temple for Kiwiburn.



We spent last night sequestered away with paper and pencils and inspiration. We should have a proposal drawn up rough by Thursday.

Anyone here know how to calculate the 'circumference' of a spiral?
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going native

Nope, no photos in this post either..

Happy birthday caycos!!

Some things defy logic. There have been enough of those things this week that by yesterday evening I felt as if my head were about to explode with the irrationality of it all.

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Funny thing. I went to the Cyberdog site (warning: the animation is a PITA), as I do on a regular basis to drool. They are selling my pants (my pants are at least five years old). Only my pants now have a flap at the back with a design on it. Cyberdog, for the first time ever, you disappoint me. Have I woken up in an alternative universe? *looks around suspiciously*

An idea was spawned over coffee yesterday afternoon. It involves all of us chartering a plane and flying to some foreign clime for a week of debauchery. Now we just need a corporate sponsor and some hot guys. Any volunteers?

Finally, I am having trouble taking anything seriously at the moment. My life is about being sociable and goofing around. It's an interesting way to be. Seriously....

*giggles and runs away*