October 15th, 2006


Bits and pieces because it's Sunday and my first try just said FUCK!

"A deeply-embedded puritan ethic seems to affect the response to drugs in Western societies. To use a drug for pleasure is taboo, yet to use a drug to relieve pain is acceptable. In reality there is no sharp distinction: if someone is 'suffering from depression' and a drug makes him feel happy, it is regarded as a medicine and meets with approval. But if that person is regarded as normal and takes a drug that makes him happy, he is indulging in something quite unacceptable. Except, of course, if the drug happens to be nicotine, caffeine, or alcohol."

(I have no idea where this came from, but I agree. There's something a bit odd about the division between 'medicinal' drugs good vs recreational drugs bad - oh, except for the ones that kill people. They're ok.. WTF?)

I am becoming a fan of Pequire. People who are clearly enjoying themselves that much are contagious. Also, he spins dance happiness.

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"Dictionaries are opinion, presented as fact, in alphabetical order." - from Ishkur

Also from Ishkur - "Hip hop is house music where the words are more important than the music." Bwuahahahaa!

Oh, I did that meme about if I ruled the world, and, well.. sorry Happy. "Your second in command would be happyinmotion" *shrug* Nothing to be done. I'd be nice to you most of the time though. Maybe. But you might get your chance because apparently tieke is going to save you by overthrowing me.

Know how I said I didn't want to look back at this year because it's still too close to be comfortable with inspection? Well, like an idiot, I looked back. Combine that with depleted serotonin. Loads of fun. Not. Luckily, I understand this chemical thing. I'll be right in a couple of days.

Right now, I just want a hug.