October 13th, 2006


Exposing yourself then making yourself unavailable and the health benefits thereof

My dancing pants and EL wire still have not arrived from the US. Boo! Why did I not think about the fact that I might need them? It has been five weeks since I mailed them and I approach the mailbox daily with anticipation only to have my hopes dashed and just Grr.

One of my favourite photos from Burning Man:

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Yesterday was interesting, then it got more interesting. Excuse me while I accustom myself to the proximity. It's taking a bit of doing.

However, there are Creative Plans afoot, which I'm all fired up about. In fact, creativity is pouring into my life in various ways at the moment. It's been a while since I had a Sooper Sekret Project, but now I have one in spades and I'm very excited about it. Excited enough to skip down Lambton Quay this morning, anyway. *beam*

I read an article recently that was more or less a guide to happiness. It had all the usual things, you know, get enough exercise, treat yourself to stuff, all that jazz. One of the things it suggested was turning off the cellphone, avoiding the internet and engaging with real life on a regular basis. I tend to agree. Being out of net-touch for three weeks was a great thing about travelling. Being home, it's harder to stay away. Wherever you go, there's the internet, and there's your cellphone going off, and there's somebody posting on lj that you just have to comment on.. you know how it goes. [in this bit I was going to write about how I have to keep my cellphone on because of the shearing but - I don't. They'll leave a message.]

So yeah, gonna give that a go. Weekends seem like a sensible time to do this.

Meanwhile, tonight there will be dancing, pants or no pants. You choose.