October 12th, 2006


What happens when women wear the pants

Today I am wearing pants. It's unusual for me to wear pants to work these days. I used to wear pants every day, they were my standard work uniform and jeans were my standard weekend wear. This year, on my birthday, I decided to try an experiment that involved wearing a skirt or a dress to work every day for a week. There were a couple of reasons for this, one being that my pants weren't fitting me very well at the time, another being that I wanted to rehash my wardrobe with more interesting clothes, to look different, and to feel different.

So anyway, I did it. I wore skirts. The first day (my birthday) I was very self-conscious and felt as if everyone was looking at me and judging me. Turns out they were looking and judging, but it wasn't in the negative way that I thought it would be. People smiled at me more. The next day, I felt slightly less nervous. By the end of five days of letting the world see my legs, I was enjoying myself. I had realised that I like wearing skirts and dresses. They're flattering, they're easy to coordinate, there are more options for changing the way you look with accessories (stockings ftw!), and they feel good. When I'm wearing a skirt, I feel good. I get more positive attention when I'm wearing a skirt. I've been complimented more on the way I dress since May this year than ever before in my life. The skirts, suffice to say, are here to stay.

Nowadays, I wear skirts and dresses as a rule. My pants still don't fit (except my cargoes which rock hard), and I haven't bought any more. This morning, having been a bit lazy and not done washing as often as I should, I found myself pulling on pants. When I looked in the mirror, I was shocked. It looked wrong! I felt frumpy and plain and boring. *gulp* "Well," I thought, "Rule of thumb for life - when you have no option, brazen it out." So off I went to work in my pants.

Wearing pants makes me feel different. I was curious about whether it would make people see me diffferently. So I googled "wearing pants"..

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My conclusion: People should wear what they damn well please. If pants are your thing, and you like the way you look in them, wear them. I won't judge you. But I choose to wear skirts and I care not a hoot what all the self-proclaimed experts say. Skirts make me feel good and when I feel good I'm better at life. Suck on that, macho-feminist-bible-bashing-folk-with-nothing-better-to-do-than-dream-up-reasons-to-limit-my-choices!

In other news, I may have to work on my flirting technique. Gape-eyed staring followed by gales of laughter when you realise how silly you must look certainly gets attention, but possibly not the right kind of attention.

(i think i made his day though, just quietly)
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