October 11th, 2006


An overt mission

So after yesterday's wee flurry, there was no snowboarding down the gorge. Instead, we ended up with this:

Go figure. Anyway, last night's mission was to go and find a US-style burger in Wellington. Partner in crime for this mission was segrada, who said he'd seen some promising-looking ones through the window of a sports bar. That's right, a sports bar. Could we survive this cultural assault on the senses for the sake of a good burger? We decided to find out. Hunter S was whispering in my ear as we entered - "This was not a good place for educated people. Apathetic mainstream vibes were all around.."

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And when I got home, there was a Mysterious Parcel From Out Of The Blue. Can I just say that I am extremely honoured to have friends who know me well enough to send me a copy of Sheep's Miscellany* when they find one? *squee* Once again I feel very loved.

*A sheep-based spoof of Schott's Miscellany. It has a whole section on the Fart Tax. *giggle*
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For Allyn

(This may take a while. I had more requests than I expected and I want to do it properly because I'm anal doing a proper job is important to me. Also, they aren't all going to be photo manipulations. There will be some hand drawn stuff in there and it takes ages. Yay for my tablet! ;-)