October 10th, 2006

going native

Carve your name into my arm, instead of stressed I lie here charmed

There will be climbing tonight at Fergs, 6pm. I may have to take off early for The Great Burger Hunt, however, dedicated bunch that you are, carrying on without me shouldn't be a problem.

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And, good news! I'm listening to Placebo again!

(OK, so I'm hearing a bunch of people saying "Why is it good news that you're listening to that whiney little git squawk on about how his life is miserable and he's stuck in a no-win situation oh and he takes drugs a lot and btw he doesn't really look good as a man or as a woman so wtf is up with that?")

Actually, you're probably not. You're probably going "Oh, that's nice, la la la what's for breakfast?" But anyway, it's good news, because I only listen to Placebo when I'm happy. Any other time it makes me want to slash my wrists so I avoid it. If I'm listening to Placebo, by choice, it's a sign that things are well with my world, on a deep level.

And, I'm getting used to my hair. As usual, I started off being not too sure about it (it's never been this short before) but this morning I decided I like it. Funny, when it's a good cut that's going to last, I always feel odd about it to start with. If I like it straight away, in 6 weeks I probably won't. Call it Tats Rule Of Haircuts. Works for me..

Oh, and there's this art thing. Um, how's it go? Leave a comment and I'll make a piece of art personally for you. Something like that, anyway. There was a reposting thing, but let's not and say we didn't, mmk?
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