October 8th, 2006


What I did this weekend because I know you're dying to know..

Hmm, so what did I do?

I bumbled my way through aikido. Funny, the energy flow and esoteric stuff may be working way better, but somehow my techniques have not made any kind of miraculous improvement. Go figure - maybe, um, good solid practice might help some, whaddaya reckon? Also, I made friends with a new aikidoka, did a handstand that went for over a minute (remembered to breathe, yeah) and missed a Moment. And for those who are interested in such things in relation to aikido - First, the galaxy-between-palms in seiza in combination with centre-earth grounding = FUCKYES! Second - funakogi with kiai from the centre after the abovementioned = orgasmic (in a non-sexual way).

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The avalanche has started by the way. I'm now fully booked for Labour weekend, and today's group have made bookings as far out as Feb/March. I may have to start getting professional and make business cards and a page for my website. *MEEP*

Finally, a thought on accents and cultural understandings. When asked about my sideline whilst in the States, my standard reply would be "I shear sheep for lifestylers." I couldn't understand why people would look at me funny after saying that. Turns out that in the US, a 'lifestyler' is someone who engages in 'alternative' sexual practices. Combine that with my accent sounding to the Americans as if I were saying "share sheep" - and, well.. you get the picture. So to all of you who I said this to before I was educated, IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK!! Honest...

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