October 7th, 2006


What are we looking at?

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There's other stuff, but I'll leave it for Monday. Ah, fuck it, no I won't. So, people, what do you do when you and your friend both fancy the same person? Well, if you're me, you BTFO. There is no positive outcome to a situation like that, regardless of who does what, to, and with, whom. I value my friends very highly, and for me there's no "all's fair in etc etc blah blah" - that's bullshit. My friend has been there for me for the eight years I've known her, and there's no question who's more important to me, and not even a second thought about what's the right thing to do. End of story. She is blissfully unaware of this, so there's no uncomfortable conversation to be had either. And, she rocks, so I hope it works out for her. She deserves it.

Me, I vowed celibacy while at Burning Man. Possibly should have given myself a timeframe on this, eh? *grin*