October 6th, 2006


And continuing the theme of meeting random new people by serendipity

I met someone! Ooh!

Of all the possible ways to meet people, having them wander in off the street and crash your dinner party because they like the music played by the band practicing upstairs, has to be one of the more random ones. However, instead of turning out to be a psycho with a grudge against thirtysomething women like our mothers all warned us about, he turned out to be a walking talking entertainment machine who can play tunes (yes, actual tunes including the William Tell Overture and Waltzing Matilda) on his head. He also kicked my ass in Celebrity Deathmatch by knowing more Arnie quotes than me. And he's hot. Did I mention the hotness?

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And, I took my braids out last night in preparation for New Hair Day today. It took just over an hour, and when I combed it out I discovered just how much hair a person sheds in 6 weeks. It's a lot. Nuff said.
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