October 5th, 2006


In which I ramble a bit about stuff I don't completely understand

I got hailed on this morning! WTF?? I was wearing my snowboarding jacket o doom, so it was more a case of getting pinged in the (stockinged) legs and hearing rat-a-tat-tat on my head than actually suffering, but I repeat, WTF? This, I'm hoping, is winter's last gasp.

I suspect that the last gasp has most likely rendered my Saturday free and killed one of my days off on Labour weekend, sheep-wise. Full woolled sheep take 2 days to dry, you see.

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In other news, I got an anonymous text from foreign climes this morning saying "Thinking of you." I have several friends who are travelling at the moment, any one of whom could have sent it, and the not being entirely sure which one it came from made it even nicer to get. I feel very loved. *hugs to all*

Finally, segrada, your company is energising. It's no wonder people are drawn to you. *smile*