October 2nd, 2006


More media (it's because I got time to relax this weekend - chalk it up)

Music is very emotive. (Well duh, Tats!)

I find that these days there are bands that I can't listen to without being transported to where I was when I was listening to them a lot. It's weird, when I first played Pendulum after I got back, it was immediately (in my mind) the depths of winter again, and I was waiting for the bus in the rain. Others transport me to an emotional place. Bands I'm avoiding listening to at the moment include Apparat, Room Noir, Lhasa, Ella Fitzgerald, Bitcrush, Venetian Snares, and Pulp (I'm sure there are more but I haven't played them yet).

Why? Because the headspace I was in when I was listening to these a lot was a very desolate place, and feeling the music plonks me right back in that headspace. It's not a place I want to return to, or even risk spending any time thinking about (too easy to slip back, too damn easy), so I avoid the music of the time. Kind of a shame, because it's good music. But I figure, eventually, there won't be that sense of 'don't go back' to feeling those feelings, and it'll turn into nostalgia, and I'll listen again and be cool with it. But not yet.

I have a better headspace now, and new music to listen to that no doubt will, in future, bring me back here, to where life is exciting and filled with potential. Funny, Pendulum seems to transcend this sort of thing. Which is one of the reasons that everybody should have Hold Your Colour in their collection. It may be the depths of winter at a bus stop in the rain, but damnit, you're dancing at that bus stop! Yay Pendulum, I say.

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*yawns* Gosh. I like the slow increase in warmth of season-change, but daylight savings never fails to shock me on the first day. I need a nap.